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The lift chair recliner is a superbly designed piece of furniture that is quite helpful to the elderly. This is especially so for the elderly who have difficulty walking. Here is how the lift chair recliner works and why it can make life simpler and more enjoyable for the elderly. 


As we grow older, the movement we used to have before in terms of bending as well as balancing our bodies continues diminishing with time. Despite the fact that there are wheelchairs as well as mobility scooters the elderly can still use nowadays, the lift assist chair also comes in handy particularly to both the elderly that can still move on their own as well as those that have serious mobility needs. 


In short, the lift chair recliner is a nice chair with plenty of comforts that can recline to the position you want with just touching an electronic button. It makes it rather easy for seniors to get in and out of the chair and they can just as easily alter their positions of recline by pressing an electric switch. 


These lift chair recliners are also made of different colors and materials to suit the needs of the elderly willing to purchase it. Depending on the preference of the elderly buying the lift chair, he or she can choose between vinyl, suede, leather and velvet materials for the lift chair recliner. 


It is without a doubt that you can find three kinds of lift chair recliners on the market today. The difference comes about in how far much back they can recline. 


The first type of lift chair recliner that can be used by the elderly is the two position recliner. It can recline to about forty-five degrees and anywhere in between making it most suitable for a person that does not spend a lot of time in this chair. 


The second version of the lift chair recliner for the elderly is the three position recliner. This type of chair can be adjusted to almost one-eighty degrees and can has a bend near where the back and seat are joined. This lift chair was made especially for those seniors that love enjoying a good afternoon sleep during the day while slightly reclined. 


Finally, we have the infinite lift chair version for the elderly. The advantage this type of chair has is that it can recline all the way back to a horizontal position. Aside from reclining all the way back, it also has two motors unlike the two previously discussed which have one. The significance of the second motor to this chair is to allow for the electronic adjustment of the footrest. This chair was made to cater for the needs of the elderly who would want to adjust their feet every once in a while.